PS5 Supply and Demand

I’m watching PS5’s being sold on Ebay to track how supply and demand are converging. Current completed listings seem to be hovering around $700-$800. They started out at $1,000, so I guess it’s getting “better.” The whole business of people using browser bots to snipe units and resell them really chaps my hide, but I wonder what my price point and patience limit actually is. Sony, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart have employed methods to help give non-botters a fair chance, but I don’t know how well that’s working.

I expect that the first place that will show supply and demand convergence will be Sony Direct. After they have them available for sale all the time, I guess stores will start having them on shelves? But what do I know?

In my disgust of not being able to find one, I was thinking I’d build a new gaming PC, but gaming CPU’s and GPU’s are impossible to find as well, thanks to freaking bitcoin miners, and the same sort of silicon supply problems affecting everything during this pandemic. What a lousy time to try to buy new kit.

I briefly had a thought that I’d buy a new M1-based Mac Mini, but it’s clear that the gaming prospects on the new architecture are going to be abysmal for a while.

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