New Day, New Blog

I started blogging in 1997, I think. I “coded” the site with FrontPage, and hosted it on a Linux server, in my house, on a DSL line, with the FrontPage extensions for Apache. Then I wrote an actual, custom blog engine in PHP. Then I rewrote it in Ruby on Rails. Then I converted the site to WordPress. Each time, I carefully rolled all my content forward to the new platform.

Over the past 20-plus years, things have changed. I’ve had 3 kids. I’ve moved around in work roles. I’ve lead people. I’ve helped build a new church. My thinking and my approaches have matured. My opinions have softened on many issues. So I threw almost all of the old content away, and I’m starting over. At 50, I’m just not the same person I was at 25, and it’s not fair to either one of us to try to bring that person forward in time, and present him as me now.