The Galaxy of a Single Cell

A Single Human Cell

This is the most-detailed photo of a human cell to date. The simplest single-celled organisms aren’t materially less complex. Each tiny strand in the center is a chain of thousands of very-specific combinations of four, very-complicated organic molecules. Then there are all the other complicated parts, and the tiny molecular “machines” that facilitate the functioning of the cell.

According to the world’s thinking and teaching, you are supposed to ignore everyone’s commonly-lived experience about how everything in this world tends to fall apart, and believe that something like this just magically came together in a series of perfect, yet so-far-inexplicable, experiments — in the middle of total chaos, mind you — and then went on to form all known life.

Every time I see something like this, it cracks me up. It’s far, far easier to believe in a supernatural power as the source of our origins than it is to believe that evolution explains our existence. Not because there’s more compelling evidence in religion (as I believe there is), but because the theory of evolution, as an explanation of the origins of life, doesn’t even pass the smell test compared to our known understanding of how our physical reality works.

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