My Pre-Ruined Programming Typing

I use a “grip” on the keyboard that’s off-by-one. My right index finger hovers over the K key instead of the J. I can touch type if I concentrate, but this is just how I learned on the Vic-20, when I was 10. I convinced myself a long time ago that this was fine, as it gets me closer to all of the special keys for programming. However, several of the special keys (notably the *, @, and &) were in different places on the Vic-20 and the C64 than on a standard, modern keyboard, and it still occasionally throws me, 40 years later.

Trusty Rusty

I think I lost a programming job because, in the interview, they put me in front of a computer, and I didn’t fly through the editor with nothing but keyboard shortcuts, but it’s my weird typing method that pushes me to just use a mouse for a lot of it.