Hillary Clinton mocks Trump, says his followers’ conspiracy theories are getting ‘wilder’

Hillary Clinton suggested Thursday that a desperate President Donald Trump hopes to divert attention from his deepening legal trouble by spreading ludicrous lies about her.

“It’s funny, the more trouble Trump gets into, the wilder the charges and conspiracy theories about me seem to get,” Clinton said, drawing laughs as she delivered the keynote speech at the New York State Democratic Convention.

Source: Hillary Clinton mocks Trump, says his followers’ conspiracy theories are getting ‘wilder’

Well that makes a lot of sense, because he learned this tactic, along with all the rest of the politicians in the US, by watching you for the last 30 years.

Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

I honestly can’t believe we’re hearing this from the very person who claimed that the accusations that her husband was a serial philanderer and the Clintons’ financial investments were fraudulent were all part of a “vast right wing conspiracy.”

And I don’t want to hear anyone point out how Trump pardoned Steve Bannon when he learned that trick by watching Bill Clinton get away with pardoning Susan McDougal.

Honestly, every dirty trick, sleight of hand, and skullduggery that Democrats accuse Republicans of doing was made possible by the Clintons, and CNN giving them political cover and running interference for them, every single time.

Believe All Women (Except the ones accusing my husband)

Truly, her political depravity knows no bounds. It’s so shameful, I almost admire it. It takes a true psychopath to be this nakedly hypocritical. And I could get over it if she would just go away, but like a sticky booger you can’t quite flick off your finger, she keeps clinging on.