Breach at Dickey’s BBQ Smokes 3M Cards

One of the digital underground’s most popular stores for peddling stolen credit card information began selling a batch of more than three million new card records this week. KrebsOnSecurity has learned the payment card data was stolen in a two-year-long data breach at more than 100 Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant locations around the country.

Source: Breach at Dickey’s BBQ Smokes 3M Cards

The article says the card data only came from Dickey’s, but I don’t know. I can’t recall ever having eaten at one of these joints, but this happened too coincidently, and I’ve been watching for an announcement exactly like this since. I expect there’s more than just the one source in the dump.

Visa and MasterCard instituted new rules in October 2015 that put retailers on the hook for all of the losses associated with counterfeit card fraud tied to breaches if they haven’t implemented chip-based card readers and enforced the dipping of the chip when a customer presents a chip-based card.

Also, pretty interesting stuff about mag stripes still being so prevalent. I appreciate the card companies making it the retailer’s problem. However, fraud related to security breaches at retailers should always be their problem, regardless of technology used.

Some Video Gaming Company Got Hacked

Yesterday evening, I got over a dozen notifications that my Apple Credit Card got hit with fraudulent charges, and their automated detection missed a few. Except for a couple of pizza places, several hundred miles from where I live, the charges were all from video gaming-related sites. So I’m guessing that one of the gaming companies got hacked. I can only think of 2 that have this card: Steam and Sony. I’m going to be watching for an announcement from Brian Krebs. It’s sorely tempting to reactivate my Twitter account to check the traffic on this…