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Tesla Will Build ‘GigaTexas’ to Crank Out Cybertrucks | WIRED

By | July 23, 2020

The site will be the first to crank out the company’s Cybertruck—the company near-dystopian all-electric pickup announced last fall— and Semi, now both set to debut in 2021. (emphasis mine) Source: Tesla Will Build ‘GigaTexas’ to Crank Out Cybertrucks | WIRED A certain Diesel engine manufacturer should be worried. Say whatever you want about Musk and… Read More »

Why customers love Tesla despite its many mistakes | Ars Technica

By | October 6, 2019

In a reasonable world, people could acknowledge both Tesla’s huge contribution to advancing electric vehicle technology and the significant ways it has fallen short of its own hype. Unfortunately, the modern Internet is not a reasonable place. The centrifugal force of social media has turned online discussion of Tesla—like most other topics—into an angry, polarized… Read More »