I Like That The Boat Is Stuck

I know it’s bad that the boat is stuck, but I like that the boat is stuck.

Unsticking the boat will require making the boat not be stuck. It won’t take a year or more of isolation, or new heights of handwashing, or phone calls to legislators. It won’t require the courage to face down militarized police forces or the gumption to get a shot that I know will make me feel a little bad before it makes me a lot safe. Nobody can tell me that if I just work a little harder or stop spending money on avocados or get a side hustle, the boat will get unstuck. If I did all of those things, perfectly right, right now, on tiptoes, there would still be a big stuck boat! Because those things aren’t the things that need to happen. What needs to happen is: someone unsticks the boat.

Source: I Like That The Boat Is Stuck

This is the blog post the world needed, precisely when it needed it.

OK, maybe it was just me that needed it, but it resonates very strongly with me.