Sex Education Acts As A Wake Up Call To Parents And Teachers

Old-fashioned parents and teachers needed a wake-up call, and Netflix’s Sex Education has provided just that.

The hit series, which recently blessed our screens once more for its third – and not final! – series, should act as a bible for all teachers and parents who are still stuck in outdated views about sex and relationships.

Parents and teachers no longer have any excuse to slut-shame, be judgemental or show anger or discrimination towards young people’s sexual endeavours – it’s 2021, and as Sex Education says, we should be ‘f*cking [that] pain away’.

Source: Sex Education Acts As A Wake Up Call To Parents And Teachers

I can’t imagine stringing together more wrong words in a row. You only have to look at social statistics for young people for the past 20 or 30 years to understand just how terrible modern society has become as an environment for growing up. Anxiety and depression are becoming staggering problems. I just read a study that reported that the average teenager’s anxiety is what people sought professional psychiatric help for 50 years ago. I’d try to find a source, but only the most-ardent contrarians would dispute that general idea. Doubling down on the behavior that’s making people crazy is probably not the right answer.