iOS 15 Could Include New Food Tracking Feature – MacRumors

Bloomberg in April also said that there will be notification updates that will allow users to set notification preferences based on current status, which Jewiss says he can confirm. As outlined by Bloomberg, users will, for example, be able to tweak how notifications are delivered when they’re awake, working, sleeping, and more.

Source: iOS 15 Could Include New Food Tracking Feature – MacRumors

I’ve wanted this for 25 years. So much so, that I paid a patent attorney to do a patent search before I was going to try to add this feature to Pidgin on Linux. The lawyer said that IBM was sitting on a large portion of my idea, but couldn’t explain where the wiggle room was, since he was on retainer to them.

I read through the relevant patents, proved to my satisfaction that he was correct, and decided it wasn’t worth my time to pursue. However, I also thought about just going ahead and adding the functionality anyway, and seeing where it all went, but I wimped out on that too.

In any case, I’d still love to have the capability to do this, even 2 decades after I came up with the idea. I don’t understand how this isn’t a thing already. I mean, IBM saw the embryonic concept enough to patent it, years before I ever thought about it. Why has no one ever implemented this yet?