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Tesla Will Build ‘GigaTexas’ to Crank Out Cybertrucks | WIRED

By | July 23, 2020

The site will be the first to crank out the company’s Cybertruck—the company near-dystopian all-electric pickup announced last fall— and Semi, now both set to debut in 2021. (emphasis mine) Source: Tesla Will Build ‘GigaTexas’ to Crank Out Cybertrucks | WIRED A certain Diesel engine manufacturer should be worried. Say whatever you want about Musk and… Read More »

Abrams Dieselization Project: Doing the Math | Defense Media Network

By | October 14, 2019

“And that’s with better performance,” he added. “The modern diesel has greater torque in it than the turbine does. And you’ve got a couple of other things going for you as well. First, we’ve changed the nuclear, biological and chemical protection system, so it doesn’t operate off of the engine. On the turbine it operated… Read More »