What the Hobby Lobby Ruling Means for America – The New York Times

If the court follows the logic of its Hobby Lobby decision in the decades to come, it’s not so hard to imagine a job market where people must interview employers about their religious and political views. Or where people who need to make a living may just feel compelled to accept a work environment increasingly shaped by their employers’ beliefs.

Source: What the Hobby Lobby Ruling Means for America – The New York Times

Scary quote by the Times, from years ago, but which I’m just now seeing. Scary, because you might feel pressured to adopt a more Christian-aligned mindset. God forbid!

Everyone who works for someone else feels at least a little pull towards their mindset, even if it’s just one person working for one other person. If you’re already compatible, great! If not, you have to decide for yourself if you’re so incompatible that it’s better to find other work, or start your own business.

The Times seems to be pretending that only Christian-owned companies have a culture that some people might feel uncomfortable with. The truth is that every organization — including companies — has a culture, and some people who are a part of it — including employees — may not feel completely comfortable in it. People join all sorts of organizations — companies, churches, charities, sporting leagues, neighborhood groups — with which they don’t completely agree, because they get enough out of the association that they are willing to put up with the stuff they don’t like. This is called “living in a society.” We all have to “live and let live.” You know, do our thing, while not preventing others from doing theirs.

As our society becomes more insular because of social media and, now, quarantine, this concept is indeed becoming lost. Also, I can understand why this writer at the Times, in that ivory tower of monoculture, seems to be confused about this situation. And, frankly, the fact that a Christian built a business with an overtly-Christian culture is easy target to attack because it’s so rare.