I Miss My Old Graphics

Someone on Twitter mentioned BeOS, and that got me looking over my old pictures from the previous incarnations of my blog. This was how the site looked when I hand-coded it. I miss it.

Old Graphics (RedHat & Ximian Desktop)

I had created the graphics all by hand in a graphic editing program that came with FrontPage 97, called Microsoft Image Composer. (I still can’t drive Photoshop.)

This is what it looked like before I did a big upgrade. I still like the look of the title with the color gradient.

Old Old Graphics (BeOS)

I still use the 4-corner gradient I created with that program as my desktop background on every computer I use.

One thought on “I Miss My Old Graphics”

  1. I love, love, love Microsoft Image Composer. I love it so much that I continue to use it, even on my up-to-date Windows 10 laptop. You can download a FrontPage97 .iso file here: https://archive.org/details/Microsoft_FrontPage_98_-_Win95_Eng

    Download the .iso file, right-click it and choose mount. In the new disk that gets created, go into the ImgComp\enu directory and double-click setup.exe. A few questions later and, voila! MIC is back!

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