Congress Spends More Time Dialing for Dollars Than on Legislative Work – U.S. Term Limits

Congress spends more time on re-election fundraising than on the legislative duties they were hired to do. Party bosses expect as many as 6 hours daily.

“This problem cannot be fixed by voting incumbents out,” he continues. “This proves, what we have been saying all along. Incumbents have an overwhelming political advantage because we pay them to raise money for their re-elections. Challengers don’t stand a chance.”

Source: Congress Spends More Time Dialing for Dollars Than on Legislative Work – U.S. Term Limits

If Trump is impeachable for a “quid pro quo” regarding help in an election, then what are we supposed to do about the 538 people in Congress who spend over half of their time on the phone with donors, selling their votes on various bills for campaign contributions? I suppose you can tell me it’s because it involved a foreign country, but I’m absolutely certain that many of the prominent members in Congress have similar dealings with foreign countries as well. I’m still gobsmacked at the hypocrisy of the whole thing. “Quid pro quo” is literally how anything gets done in politics, or business in general, for that matter. Does anyone think that the US has handed over billions in aid to a foreign country for all these years, for absolutely no consideration in return, until Trump came along, and asked for some inside information on a political rival?! I’m not saying anything specific to Trump here. This whole complaint wouldn’t make sense to me, even if Bill Clinton did it. (And I’m sure he did.) It just doesn’t seem to me to rise to the level of “high crimes,” or even misdemeanors. This IS politics.

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